git clone ''

(ql:quickload :venantius.vim-cljfmt)


vim-cljfmt is a vim plugin for cljfmt, the code formatting tool for Clojure(Script). Rather than invoking the plugin by shelling out to Leiningen, it uses a vim-fireplace REPL connection to only format the current file. This has the advantage of sidestepping Leiningen's startup time and keeping Vim from hanging, though the first time you use it with a given REPL server there will be a slight delay as it loads the cljfmt namespace.

Demo below:

Configuration and Usage

vim-cljfmt allows you to format the file in the current buffer with the following:


Of course, manually formatting files is for people who aren't lazy. So, by default, vim-cljfmt automatically does the formatting when you save. If you want to turn this off, add the following line to your .vimrc:

let g:clj_fmt_autosave = 0

To format the code in current visual selection use the following command:

Re-starting the REPL while editing

If you expect the have to re-start the REPL while working, you have two options. You can manually re-load vim-cljfmt from within Vim with the following:


Alternatively, you can add the following line to your ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

:repl-options {:init (require 'cljfmt.core)}

The latter will slow down your REPL startup time, but will mean you won't have to do any extra typing if you restart your REPL. Personally, I prefer this approach.



You'll want to have cljfmt and vim-fireplace installed, and you'll need to make sure Cljfmt is somewhere on your project's classpath. I'd recommend adding the following to your ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

:dependencies [[cljfmt "0.5.1"]]

You'll also need to have a REPL connection open through fireplace.

After that, the rest should take care of itself.

Installing with Pathogen

Assuming you already have Pathogen installed, you should be good to go with the following:

cd ~/.vim/bundle && \
git clone

Installing with Vundle

To install vim-cljfmt with Vundle, add the following line to your .vimrc: Bundle 'venantius/vim-cljfmt'

Other Vim + Clojure Plugins

If you like this, you should check out vim-eastwood!


Copyright (c) 2015 W. David Jarvis.

Licensed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.