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(ql:quickload :theJohnnyBrown.endophile)


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A Clojure markdown parsing tool wrapping java's pegdown library. It is designed to convert markdown into clojure data structures, which can then be used to generate HTML through another library, such as enlive or hiccup.

Endophile fully passes the original markdown test suite.


In project.clj, :dependencies [[endophile "0.2.1"] ...]

endophile.core/md takes a markdown string, and returns an org.pegdown.ast.RootNode, the root of the document's parse tree. endophile.core/to-clj converts a RootNode into a clojure data structure. Currently it returns nodes as used in clojure.xml and in the enlive HTML library.

So for example,

(ns my-namespace
  (:use [endophile.core :only [mp to-clj html-string]]
        [endophile.hiccup :only [to-hiccup]]
        [hiccup.core :only [html]]))

;; parsed is an org.pegdown.RootNode
(def parsed (mp (slurp "")))

;; convert to html using clojure.xml and enlive
(println (html-string (to-clj parsed)))

;; convert to html using hiccup
(println (html (to-hiccup parsed)))

Will convert to html. Also you can run it from the command line, like so,

lein run -m endophile.core > README.html

There is also an implementation that returns hiccup-style vectors. See hiccup.clj.


Currently does not support the full complement of extensions available through pegdown. Pull requests are encouraged.


asm-all dependency

If you use some other libraries that use old versions of org.ow2.asm/asm-all (like Figwheel) it is possible you'll encounter error like:

IllegalArgumentException   org.objectweb.asm.MethodVisitor.<init> (:-1)

You can check if you have old asm version by checking lein deps :tree or boot show -d. To fix this problem you can add asm-all dependency to your project. Local dependency will override transitive dependencies. Another solution would be to add :exclusions to the other dependency.


Copyright © 2013 Jonathan Brown

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.