git clone ''

(ql:quickload :sveri.closp)


closp has been changed significantly in 0.4 and upwards.

Get started with: lein new closp -n yourprojectname -n

Then open a repl and after startup enter: (start-dev-system) to startup the server.
The clojurescript is compiled by running lein figwheel in the projects command line.

It comes with: - component - postgresql as database - re-frame as cljs library - figwheel for reloading - etaoin for frontend tests - bidi for routing (back / frontend) - buddy for login / logout (jwt token is used and the complete UI for login / logout is integrated in the template) - tempura for i18n - phrase for form validation


Old documenation

You can find the old documentation here: OLD Readme


Supported by

The development of closp is supported by Jetbrains and their awesome IDE

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Copyright © 2018 Sven Richter

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.