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Real-world Clojure templating, seriously. Don't talk about enlive or hiccup on a clojure web development book any more.

What handlebars has?

This library is based on

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Using hbs.core

(require '[hbs.core :as hbs])

;; render template string
(render "Hello {{}}" {:person {:name "World"}})

;; render template file with a registry
(def reg (registry (classpath-loader "/templates" ".tpl")))
(render-file reg "hello" {:name "World"})

Using hbs in Ring application

hbs library provides a default ring middleware hbs.core/wrap-handlebars-template to generate pages from standard response: {:hbs {:template ... :context ...}}

;; ring handler function that generate handlebars response
(defn some-handler [req]
  {:hbs {:template "index"
         :context {:a "A" :b "B"}}})

By default, hbs middleware use text/html; charset=utf-8 as content type. You can override it by setting {:headers {"Content-Type" ...}} explicitly in your response.

Extending hbs.helper

Handlebars is nothing without helpers.

(use '[hbs core helper])

;; def a helper
(defhelper mytag [ctx options]
  (safe-str "HelloWorld, " (clojure.string/upper ctx)))

(def reg (registry (classpath-loader "/templates" ".tpl")))

;; register the helper into registry
(register-helper! registry "mytag" mytag)

(render "{{mytag foo}}" {:foo "bar"})

Using javascript helpers

Helpers can also be defined using javascript. Javascript helpers are registered using register-js-helpers!-function clojure (register-js-helpers! registry "path/to/file.js")

Helpers defined by me

I have some predefined helpers used in my projects. And I decide to ship it in the release.

To use these helpers, be sure eval hbs.ext. You can just add a (:require [hbs.ext]) on you core namespace.

Available helpers:

You can find usage examples of these helpers in the test case test/hbs/ext_test.clj.

See also

Handlebars implemented for Rust language: handlebars-rust.


Copyright © 2013-2018 Sun Ning

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.