git clone ''

(ql:quickload :slagyr.gaeshi)



Due to frustrations with Google App Engine, Gaeshi has been deprecated and is no longer maintained. It's parent library Joodo ( is still alive and well.
It is suggested that you use Joodo on Heroku or AWS rather than deploy anything to GAE.


Leiningen 1

  1. Install Leiningen 1.5 or later.

  2. Install the gaeshi/lein-gaeshi plugin

    lein plugin install gaeshi/lein-gaeshi 0.9.0
  3. Make sure ~/.lein/bin is in your path.

    echo "PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.lein/bin" >> ~/.profile
    . ~/.profile
  4. Try it out!

    gaeshi help

Leiningen 2

  1. Install Leiningen 2.0 or later.

  2. Install the gaeshi/lein-gaeshi plugin by updating your ~/.lein/profiles.clj file.

     :user {:plugins [[gaeshi/lein-gaeshi "0.10.0"]]}
  3. Try it out!

    lein gaeshi help

If all goes well you should see a helpful message printed in your console.


Creating a new Project

  1. Gaeshi will create a boiler plate project structure for you.

    [lein] gaeshi new my_new_project
  2. Download/Install all the dependencies.

    cd my_new_project
    lein deps
  3. Start the development server

    lein gaeshi server


Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Micah Martin All Rights Reserved.

Distributed under the The MIT License.