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(ql:quickload :ptaoussanis.encore)

Taoensso open-source

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[com.taoensso/encore "2.115.0"] ; Stable

Please consider helping to support my continued open-source Clojure/Script work?

Even small contributions can add up + make a big difference to help sustain my time writing, maintaining, and supporting Encore and other Clojure/Script libraries. Thank you!

- Peter Taoussanis


Core utils library for Clojure/Script

Or: What happens when you spend way too much time with Clojure

Please note: this is a library intended mostly for my own use or for advanced users who are comfortable reading the source code to see what's available + how to use it.

Experiencing a dependency conflict?

Please see here for help.

Contacting me / contributions

Please use the project's GitHub issues page for all questions, ideas, etc. Pull requests welcome. See the project's GitHub contributors page for a list of contributors.

Otherwise, you can reach me at Happy hacking!

- Peter Taoussanis


Distributed under the EPL v1.0 (same as Clojure).
Copyright © 2014-2016 Peter Taoussanis.