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A fast data-driven router for Clojure(Script).

Presentations: * Reitit, The Ancient Art of Data-Driven, Clojure/North 2019, video * Faster and Friendlier Routing with Reitit 0.3.0 * Welcome Reitit 0.2.0! * Data-Driven Ring with Reitit * Reitit, Data-Driven Routing with Clojure(Script)

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There is #reitit in Clojurians Slack for discussion & help.

Main Modules

Extra modules

Latest version

All main modules bundled:

[metosin/reitit "0.3.9"]

Optionally, the parts can be required separately.

Quick start

(require '[reitit.core :as r])

(def router
    [["/api/ping" ::ping]
     ["/api/orders/:id" ::order]]))

(r/match-by-path router "/api/ping")
; #Match{:template "/api/ping"
;        :data {:name ::ping}
;        :result nil
;        :path-params {}
;        :path "/api/ping"}

(r/match-by-name router ::order {:id 2})
; #Match{:template "/api/orders/:id",
;        :data {:name ::order},
;        :result nil,
;        :path-params {:id 2},
;        :path "/api/orders/2"}

Ring example

A Ring routing app with input & output coercion using data-specs.

(require '[reitit.ring :as ring])
(require '[reitit.coercion.spec])
(require '[reitit.ring.coercion :as rrc])

(def app
       ["/math" {:get {:parameters {:query {:x int?, :y int?}}
                       :responses {200 {:body {:total pos-int?}}}
                       :handler (fn [{{{:keys [x y]} :query} :parameters}]
                                  {:status 200
                                   :body {:total (+ x y)}})}}]]
      ;; router data effecting all routes
      {:data {:coercion reitit.coercion.spec/coercion
              :middleware [rrc/coerce-exceptions-middleware

Valid request:

(app {:request-method :get
      :uri "/api/math"
      :query-params {:x "1", :y "2"}})
; {:status 200
;  :body {:total 3}}

Invalid request:

(app {:request-method :get
      :uri "/api/math"
      :query-params {:x "1", :y "a"}})
;{:status 400,
; :body {:type :reitit.coercion/request-coercion,
;        :coercion :spec,
;        :spec "(spec-tools.core/spec {:spec (clojure.spec.alpha/keys :req-un [:$spec20745/x :$spec20745/y]), :type :map, :keys #{:y :x}, :keys/req #{:y :x}})",
;        :problems [{:path [:y],
;                    :pred "clojure.core/int?",
;                    :val "a",
;                    :via [:$spec20745/y],
;                    :in [:y]}],
;        :value {:x "1", :y "a"},
;        :in [:request :query-params]}}

More examples

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Join #reitit channel in Clojurians slack.

Roadmap is mostly written in issues.

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Copyright © 2017-2019 Metosin Oy

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.