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(ql:quickload :johnwalker.lein-plz)


A Leiningen plugin for quickly adding dependencies to projects.

# Adding org.clojure/core.async, org.clojure/clojurescript
# and org.clojure/data.json to a Leiningen project.

$ lein plz add core.async cljs data.json


Add [lein-plz "0.4.0-SNAPSHOT"] to your user profile, as you would with other Leiningen plugins.

;; ~/.lein/profiles.clj without lein-ancient 

{:user {:plugins [[lein-plz "0.4.0-SNAPSHOT"]]}}

However, if you are using lein-ancient, use this instead:

;; ~/.lein/profiles.clj with lein-ancient

{:user {:plugins [[lein-ancient "0.6.5"]
                  [lein-plz "0.4.0-SNAPSHOT" :exclusions [[rewrite-clj] [ancient-clj]]]]}}


lein-plz uses crossclj to fuzzily discover the latest version of the dependency you're attempting to add. This means that:

$ lein plz add data
$ lein plz add data.json
$ lein plz add org.clojure/data.json

are all probably equivalent, although times do change!

Overriding Search

Many major projects have well-known nicknames – for example, Clojurescript is usually abbreviated as cljs.

You may specify your own nicknames for projects, and they will take precedence over search. lein-plz ships with a collection of reasonable nicknames. To view them, write:

$ lein plz list

the list sub-command takes an optional pattern to filter dependencies.

$ lein plz list org.clojure/

It may be the case that you want to add your own nicknames for dependencies. As an example, lets say these are dependencies you use most often when you are building websites. Create the file ~/.plz/server.edn:

{http-kit                        #{"hkit" "hk"}
 compojure                       #{"cjure" "cpj"}}

and modify your user profile to look something like the following:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-plz "0.4.0-SNAPSHOT"]]}
 :plz  [["/home/edsnowden/.plz/server.edn" :as "server-group"]]}

hk and hkit will now be resolved as http-kit, and cjure and cpj will be resolved as compojure.

Furthermore, you can also write:

$ lein plz add server-group

to add both http-kit and compojure at once.


Copyright © 2014 John Walker, @luxbock (Olli Piepponen), @mkremins

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.