git clone 'https://github.com/henryw374/cljc.java-time.git'

(ql:quickload :henryw374.cljc.java-time)

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A Clojure(Script) library which mirrors the java.time api through kebab-case-named vars.

See my talk at Clojure/North 2019 for more background.

Related Libraries

tick is a higher level date-time library that uses this one. Even if you're using cljc.java-time directly, ie not through tick, it has very relevant docs on extra setup for use with ClojureScript

time-literals is a Clojure(Script) library which provides tagged literals for objects from jsr-310 domain


This library sits atop java.time on the jvm and cljs.java-time on Javascript platforms. Writing cross-platform code that uses those libraries directly is harder than interop normally is because:

How it works

For every class in java.time, there is a clojure namespace.

For example, corresponding to java.time.LocalDate, there is a namespace


In that and every other namespace, there is one var per public method/field in the corresponding class.

For example, for the method java.time.LocalDate/parse, there is a corresponding function cljc.java-time.local-date/parse

Instance methods take the instance as the extra first arg


Get it from Clojars

In .cljc file ``` (ns my.cljc (:require [cljc.java-time.local-date :as ld])

;create a date (def a-date (ld/parse “2019-01-01”))

;add some days (ld/plus-days a-date 99)


Problems & Irregularities

java.time.Year#isLeap exists as an instance method and a static method. Only the static version has been wrapped.


The code of this project consists of mechanically generated functions for the java.time methods, even if those methods are inherited via superclasses or interfaces. In this project, functions are generated in every class they can be applied to. For example there is cljc.java-time.temporal.temporal/is-supported and also cljc.java-time.local-date/is-supported, with the latter being essentially unnecessary but included anyway.


Java 9

New methods were added in Java 9 - these are not included in this library


Be aware that the Implementation is not 100%. It's probably 99% though and anything you find missing can be added via pull request to js-joda


Copyright © 2019 Widd Industries

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.