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Marginalia 0.9.1

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Ultra-lightweight literate programming[1] for Clojure and ClojureScript inspired by docco

Marginalia is a source code documentation tool that parses Clojure and ClojureScript code and outputs a side-by-side source view with appropriate comments and docstrings aligned.

To get a quick look at what the Marginalia output looks like, visit the official site.

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Currently Marginalia can be used in a number of ways as described below.


To use Marginalia with Leiningen add the following code to the project's project.clj file:

With Leiningen 1.x, add [lein-marginalia "0.9.1"] to your project.clj's :dev-dependencies argument of the defproject function, then run lein deps. With Leiningen 2.x, add [[lein-marginalia "0.9.1"]] to the :plugins entry in either your project.clj file or your :user profile. See the lein-marginalia page for more details.

Once installed, you can generate your complete source documentation with the command:

lein marg <options> <files>

Marginalia accepts options as described below:


The zi plugin supports Marginalia.

Add this code to the project's pom.xml file, and run the command mvn zi:marginalia.


And the following to the project's settings.xml file.




Contributors and thanks

I would like to thank Zachary Kim for taking a pile of incoherent code and making it something worth using. Marginalia would be nothing without his hard work and vision.

I would also like to thank Justin Balthrop and Brenton Ashworth for their support and code contributions.


[1] While the phrase ultra-lightweight literate programming is used to describe Marginalia, it is in no way a tool for classical literate programming. That is, Marginalia is a linear documentation generator allowing no out-of-order reassembly of source.

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Copyright (C) 2010-2017 Gary, Fogus and contributors.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.