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JSON parser/generator to/from Clojure data structures.

Follows the specification on

Releases and Dependency Information

Latest stable release is 0.2.6

Leiningen dependency information:

[org.clojure/data.json "0.2.6"]

Maven dependency information:


Gradle dependency information:

compile "org.clojure:data.json:0.2.6"

Other versions:


API Documentation

Example usage:

(ns example
  (:require [ :as json]))

To convert to/from JSON strings, use json/write-str and json/read-str:

(json/write-str {:a 1 :b 2})
;;=> "{\"a\":1,\"b\":2}"

(json/read-str "{\"a\":1,\"b\":2}")
;;=> {"a" 1, "b" 2}

Note that these operations are not symmetric: converting Clojure data into JSON is lossy.

Converting Key/Value Types

You can specify a :key-fn to convert map keys on the way in or out:

(json/read-str "{\"a\":1,\"b\":2}"
               :key-fn keyword)
;;=> {:a 1, :b 2}

(json/write-str {:a 1 :b 2}
                :key-fn #(.toUpperCase %))
;;=> "{\"A\":1,\"B\":2}"

(json/read-str "{\"a\":1,\"b\":2}"
               :key-fn #(keyword "com.example" %))
;;=> {:com.example/a 1, :com.example/b 2}

You can specify a :value-fn to convert map values on the way in or out. The value-fn will be called with two arguments, the key and the value, and it returns the updated value.

(defn my-value-reader [key value]
  (if (= key :date)
    (java.sql.Date/valueOf value)

(json/read-str "{\"number\":42,\"date\":\"2012-06-02\"}"
               :value-fn my-value-reader
               :key-fn keyword) 
;;=> {:number 42, :date #inst "2012-06-02T04:00:00.000-00:00"}

Be aware that :value-fn only works on maps (JSON objects). If your root data structure is, for example, a vector of dates, you will need to pre- or post-process it outside of data.json. clojure.walk may be useful for this.

Order of key-fn / value-fn

If you specify both a :key-fn and a :value-fn when reading, the value-fn is called after the key has been processed by the key-fn.

The reverse is true when writing:

(defn my-value-writer [key value]
  (if (= key :date)
    (str (java.sql.Date. (.getTime value)))

(json/write-str {:number 42, :date (java.util.Date. 112 5 2)}
                :value-fn my-value-writer
                :key-fn name) 
;;=> "{\"number\":42,\"date\":\"2012-06-02\"}"

Reading/Writing a Stream

You can also read JSON directly from a with json/read and write JSON directly to a with json/write.


Other options are available. Refer to the API Documentation for details.

Developer Information

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Copyright and License

Copyright (c) Stuart Sierra, 2012. All rights reserved. The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public License 1.0 ( which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.