git clone 'https://github.com/ahungry/ruse.git'

(ql:quickload :ahungry.ruse)


RUSE Userspace System Extensions


This is a fun demo/POC of using Clojure + Linux FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace).

Currently I have a sample that maps some RESTful API data to a local file mount. This then allows the user to run all their native file level commands (ls, grep, feh) on the directory.

I also have a working implementation of mounting a Postgres database as a file system.

Next up, may do the same for MySQL.


This requires lein:


After it is installed and ‘lein’ is in your $PATH, just run (in project root):

lein deps


Dog REST Api

Try this command, you'll be able to browse a directory sourced from the RESTful API from the response of images at: https://dog.ceo/api/breed/dane-great/images

This would be a great way to view/edit CRUD documents over other RESTful endpoints, or even to display database records for editing in a user's favorite editor.

mkdir /tmp/dog-pics && lein run dog /tmp/dog-pics

Then in another terminal:

cd /tmp/dog-pics
cd dane
feh dane-0.jpg # Use your CLI image editor of choice

or if you prefer a more GUI based approach, just open your thumbnailer capable file explorer (or use these two small tools to do it):

sudo pacman -S raw-thumbnailer pcmanfm
cd /tpm/dog-pics
pcmanfm .


Create (or update) a ~/.ruserc file, by copying the repo template one from conf/default-rc.edn, then plugin your own database credentials.

Now, run it via:

mkdir /tmp/my-db ; lein run pg /tmp/my-db


Copyright © 2018 Matthew Carter mailto:m@ahungry.com

AGPLv3 or later