git clone 'https://github.com/ahungry/insectarium.git'

(ql:quickload :ahungry.insectarium)


An insectarium is a live bug zoo, or a museum or exhibit of live bugs.

This is a native desktop GUI for bug tracking.

Many of the web interfaces are slow and clunky, while the APIs supporting them are fast. This aims to be a streamlined way to work your day to day tickets, without all the clutter and distraction the web interfaces thrust on our lives.

Table of Contents


Currently supported/being added


If using Arch Linux, ensure you are using java 12 which has openjfx, or it will not work with the supporting lib (cljfx).

sudo archlinux-java set java-12-openjdk

Then you can install deps and run as follows:

cd gui
lein deps

Customizing your setup

Please see conf/default-rc as your starting point.

Each available provider will have a top level key to define their config (I may add simultaneous provider support soon, so you can view tickets from many sources in one centralized area).

You can choose which provider by setting the key appropriately.

You can add your own settings and keep them out of this repository directory by copying the defaults to your XDG_CONFIG_HOME/insectarium/insectariumrc or ~/.insectariumrc files.

For Jira

See the file conf/default-rc for detailed setup instructions.

You will need to ensure you have some type of authentication (a jira API token, or, much easier - just copy your Jira cookie out of a browser session and put in a file Insectarium can load, such as: /tmp/insectarium-jira-token.txt), this will work in all Jira use cases and is in general easier to set up / prepare than the token based flow (but note, it would be less secure if this file were compromised in some way, so use at your own risk).

If you choose to, the file would end up looking similar to this:

cloud.session.token=eyJ...<many characteres of token>...mdQ

Afterwords, you can run:

lein run

Basic auth instructions here:


For Github

See the file conf/default-rc for detailed setup instructions.

You can also use a personal access token instead of the password:


Afterwords, you can run:

lein run



Copyright © 2019 Matthew Carter mailto:m@ahungry.com

Distributed under the GNU General Public License either version 3.0 or (at your option) any later version.