git clone ''

(ql:quickload :ShaneKilkelly.clj-jdbc-pg-sanity)

mpg - more modern postgres to the gallon

Eases interoperability between clojure/java datatypes and postgres datatypes. No more boilerplate!

Handles the following:

Can also insert (but not retrieve) the following types:

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Note: this library was once called jdbc-pg-sanity, mpg is the new version.


Add mpg as a leiningen or boot dependency:

[mpg "1.3.0"]

Clojars Project


Just require the mpg.core namespace and call patch

(ns whatever.db
    (require [ :as j]
             [mpg.core :as mpg]]))
(mpg/patch) ;; take the default settings
(mpg/patch {:default-map :hstore}) ;; custom settings are merged with the defaults
;; valid settings:
    :data        - boolean, default true. auto-map maps and vectors?
    :datetime    - boolean, default true. auto-map java.time.{LocalDate, ZonedDateTime} ?
    :default-map - keyword. one of :json, :jsonb, :hstore. Default :jsonb


The current interface imposes some limitations on us.

  1. You only get the autoconversion when using or something built on it
  2. When using unbound statements, we cannot save a vector as an array type (we therefore use json)
  3. When using unbound statements, you must choose between storing maps as json or hstore (default: json)
  4. All applications that have written to the database are assumed to have correctly saved timestamps in UTC. If you only use this library, you won't have to worry about that. Most applications can be configured with the TZ environment variable

Running tests

You need a database and a user on it with which we can run tests.

You can provide information about these with environment variables: bash MPG_TEST_DB_URI # default is '//' MPG_TEST_DB_USER MPG_TEST_DB_PASS

You can create a postgres database to test with createdb and give your user permissions with GRANT as per normal postgres.

Running the tests is the same as any leiningen-based project:

boot test


Contributions and improvements welcome, just open an issue! :)

If this library should do something, and it doesn't currently do it, please fork and open a pull request. All reasonable contributions will be accepted.

Please run the tests before opening a pull request :)


This library was originally extracted from luminus boilerplate which hails from code floating around the internet generally. James Laver basically rewrote it.


Copyright © 2016 Shane Kilkelly, James Laver

Distributed under the MIT license.