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A Leiningen plugin for producing standalone console executables that work on OS X, Linux, and Windows.

It basically just takes your uberjar and stuffs it in another file with some fancy magical execution stuff.

NOTE: This is a fork of Raynes/lein-bin with the addition of several bug-fixes and improvements.

Sadly, @Raynes passed away last December (2016) therefore I decided to fork the project and carry on the development in my own copy.

It is compatible with the original and it is a drop-in replacement for it, you just need to update the dependency.

Latest version

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This is a leiningen plugin. If you're using lein 1, run lein plugin install lein-binplus <current-version> to install it. If you're using lein 2, add the plugin to your default profile in ~/.lein/profiles.clj.

To install it in your profile.clj just add the dependency like:

  [[lein-binplus "0.6.5"]]}}

To install it in a single project add it in your project.clj as follow:

  :profiles {:uberjar {:aot :all}
             :dev {:plugins [[lein-binplus "0.6.5"]]}}

Your project needs to have a :main field specifying the namespace that contains your -main function. If you have that, just run lein bin and it'll produce a standalone executable for your project. Note that your main namespace currently needs to be AOT compiled (it just needs to have :gen-class specified in its ns declaration).

You can also supply a :bin key like so:

    ;; add this in your project
    :bin {:name "runme"
          :bin-path "~/bin"
          :bootclasspath false
          :jvm-opts ["-server" "-Dfile.encoding=utf-8" "$JVM_OPTS" ]}

Advanced use.

This plugin works by adding a custom script at the beginning of a JAR file as explained in this blog post.

The default “preamble” assumes that you have java in your PATH and that you wish to run your executable jar across multiple platforms (Linux, OSX and Windows).

However if you need a specific set of options or a different preamble you can add a :custom-preamble string in your :bin section of your project.clj.

    ;; specify a custom preamble
    :bin {:name "runme"
          :custom-preamble "#!/bin/sh\nexec java {{{jvm-opts}}} -jar $0 \"$@\"\n"}

The custom preamble contains a placeholder {{jvm-opts}} which will be replaced at creation time with the :jvm-opts specified in your project.

Here a list of possible substitutions:

Note: lein-binplus uses a templating library called Clostache to render the templates. Clostache automatically escapes characters such as: < > & %. If you don't want this behaviour use the triple braces in place of the double ones.

  Escaped: {{jvm-opts}}
Unescaped: {{{jvm-opts}}}

Alternatively you can specify the preamble in a file using :custom-preamble-script in your :bin section of your project.clj.

    ;; specify a custom preamble
    :bin {:name "runme"
          :custom-preamble-script "./bin/"}

NOTE: if both keys :custom-preamble and :custom-preamble-script are present the latter (:custom-preamble-script) takes precedence and :custom-preamble is ignored.

Changes from the original version

This version contains a number of fixes and improvements which are not present in the original version.

Although, many changes have been applied which ultimately ended up with a full rewrite, this version of lein-binplus is it a fully compatible, drop-in replacement for the original version.


The original plugin Copyright (C) 2012 Anthony Grimes, Justin Balthrop, Jason Whitlark

This enhanced version Copyright (C) 2016-2018 Bruno Bonacci

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.